4.5  Years Degree Program with a 6 Months Internship

Comprehensive Curriculum: The BPT program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of physiotherapy. Students gain a deep understanding of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and pathophysiology. They also learn about various therapeutic techniques, exercise prescription, and patient management.

Clinical Specializations: As students progress through the program, they have the opportunity to specialize in different areas of physiotherapy, such as musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary, pediatric, or sports rehabilitation. This allows students to develop expertise in specific fields and tailor their knowledge and skills to their areas of interest.

Practical Training: Practical training is an integral part of the BPT program. Through clinical internships and hands-on practice, students apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world settings. They work with patients under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists, gaining practical skills in assessment, treatment planning, and therapeutic interventions.

Rehabilitation Techniques: Students learn a wide range of rehabilitation techniques aimed at restoring and improving the physical functioning of individuals. These may include manual therapy, electrotherapy, therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, and respiratory rehabilitation. Students also learn to use assistive devices and technologies to aid in the rehabilitation process.

Interdisciplinary Approach: Physiotherapy often involves collaborating with other healthcare professionals. Our BPT program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, teaching students how to work effectively as part of a healthcare team. Students learn to communicate and collaborate with physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and other professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.

Research and Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding the importance of evidence-based practice, our BPT program includes research components. Students learn research methodologies, critical analysis of scientific literature, and how to apply research findings to clinical practice. This equips them with the skills to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field of physiotherapy.

Program Higlights

The Bachelor of Physiotherapy program emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach, teaching students how to work effectively as part of a healthcare team. Students learn to communicate and collaborate with physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, and other professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy ( BPT)

Our BPT (Bachelor of Physiotherapy) program is designed to prepare students for a rewarding career in the field of physical therapy. With a strong focus on anatomy, physiology, and rehabilitation techniques, this undergraduate course equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to assess, diagnose, and treat various musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiopulmonary conditions.


4.5 Years ( 4.Yrs Academic Program with 6months Rotatory Internship )

Course Starts

1 July 2023

Study Mode

On-Campus Full Time


April /October ( Written , Practicals & Oral Viva)


Indian & International


40 Students


Goa University

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the BPT program have excellent career prospects. They can work in various settings, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports clinics, community health centers, and private practice. Additionally, graduates can pursue higher education and specialize  in specific areas of Physiotherapy or engage in research and academia.

The BPT program offers a comprehensive education that prepares students to become competent and compassionate physiotherapy professionals. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and clinical experiences, students develop the skills necessary to assess, diagnose, heal and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals facing physical challenges.

Join us in our BPT program and embark on a fulfilling career dedicated to helping others achieve optimal physical health and well-being.


The BPT course is a 4 year degree program; each of 12 months.

The Final year comprises 6 months of compulsory rotatory internship that allows the students hands-on training, practical knowledge & skill based learning.

1st Academic Year

Duration : 12 months

2nd Academic Year

Duration : 12 months

3rd Academic Year

Duration : 12 months

4th Academic Year

Duration : 12 months

Rotary Internship

Duration : 6 months Rotary Internship


  • HSSC/ 10+2  with science or any other equivalent examination recognized by concerned State Governments and Education Boards with at least fifty percent aggregate marks in the Subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • For reserved categories or special categories like physically handicapped students in 10+2, they shall be given relaxation in marks for admission as per rules of the State Government / Concerned Authority at that time 
  • For foreign students, any other equivalent qualification to be approved by the concerned authority may be allowed.
  • The admission procedure will be followed as per the Central / State govt. polices in force at that time.

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